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In this modern and fast paced world, security is more important than ever. Security guards play a  crucial role in protecting people, infrastructure, property and even assets.  Likewise, a good security guard makes all the difference. This has been proven by our brave, vigilant and exceptional security personnel under Personal Security Systems, Inc. (PSSI).


Though the value of honesty is rare nowadays, Security Guard (SG) Reynald Gonzales attested that it is still very much alive in some people like himself. On January 3, while most of us are still enjoying our vacation breaks, SG Gonzales who’s already on duty found a lost wallet at the embassy where he was assigned. He returned the wallet to its owner, a guest at the embassy, with contents all intact. What a great day to start the year right!

“Respectful, reliable and principled.” These are the words that his colleagues and 5GS family would like to extend and communicate to him. Integrity, as part of our company’s core values, is rooted in the hearts of our security professionals.   SG Gonzales is an exemplar security professional providing safety and security with full integrity.


During the same day, Lady Guards Airene Krachunov, Mary Ann Gudito, and Mira Joy Pasumala while on post, discovered a concealed card knife inside the wallet of a person entering the vicinity of the same embassy.  According to the report, this item is considered a weapon and is strictly prohibited  in the premises. Because of their attentiveness, they have prevented a potential  harm to the site workers and visitors.

Despite the hardships of being a security guard – the threats and hectic work, these four good and brave guards became a living testimony that the world could be very different and much more unsafe without them. Through their sense of responsibility and passion towards their job, we can conclude that life of a security guard may be hard but also exciting and rewarding.

SG Gonzales, LGs Krachunov, Gudito, and Pasumala are shining examples of what 5GS represents – fortitude, integrity, vigilance and enthusiasm.  As stated in our core values, ”5GS security professionals practice resilience and courage amidst adversity and we always strive to do what is right.”


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