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Honest Security Guard returns cash and ATM card in Bagong Ilog, Pasig City

SG Franklin Lagalagot has been working for at least 5 years as a security guard of Personal Security Systems Inc., a licensee company of 5G Security Inc.

Yesterday, around 3 in the afternoon while walking at the footbridge of Brgy. Bagong Ilog in Pasig City, he found a lost ATM clear holder containing cash worth of 9,000 pesos, ATM card and a piece of paper with a pin number written on it.

According to SG Lagalagot, his first instinct was to turn over the items to the authorities; however, since he is not a local resident of Pasig, he was not able to locate the nearest police station around the area. He was just actually there to claim his medical results.

Fortunately, since our main office is also located at Pasig Blvd., Bagong Ilog, without hesitation, SG Lagalagot reported and turned the items over to our Human Resource and Welfare personnel entrusting them to find its rightful owner.

As of the moment, our HR and welfare officer have already contacted the bank customer service number and reported the incident. Until now, they are still trying to contact the owner.

5GS and PSSI family is proud and thankful for SG Lagalagot’s honesty, and hopes that he will set a good example to all Security professionals as well as to the common public. As stated in our core values: Fortitude, Integrity, Vigilance and Enthusiasm “Every 5GS personnel and security professionals practice resilience and courage amidst adversity and we always strive to do what is right.”

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