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While Valentine’s Day is primarily known as a romantic holiday for celebrating sweethearts, it can also be a blast to celebrate this special event with our co-employee at work.

It is also the best time to recognize all kinds of people at work for their kindness, support, and good work throughout the year. And here at 5GS, we made last Valentine’s Day celebration a little sweeter by spreading love, care and sweet vibes at the office.

For this year Valentine’s theme, “5GS First Love” denotes that the company is celebrating its first year since it became a 100 percent Filipino-owned Company. As a working team that treat each other as a family, with one aim of achieving the company’s mandate, 5GS should always be every employee’s first love.



To also bring profound meaning to the spirit of Valentine’s Day, fundraising activities were made possible. All proceeds will be given to 5GS lobby guard, SG Felomino Dial, as a form of help for his dialysis treatment.

There were many activities participated by employees last February 14, one of which are Love Thoughts and Love Lines, all interested employees had the chance to send their love messages and quotes to the assigned DJ at the office. The DJ read their messages which cost 10 pesos each.

Love songs are played at the office throughout the day, each love song request is equivalent to 5 pesos; live serenade was performed by 5GS Sessionistas, one Special Song performance cost 100 pesos.

For team high-five loved ones at home or even at the office, there were also available flowers and valentine items for sale prepared by 5GS Welfare team.


A mini program was also held at 5GS 7th floor pantry area in the afternoon. Coffee, donuts, and sweets were available for all employees. Videoke party after the mini program was also open for those employees who would like to sing their hearts out.



Wearing their own love colors; Red if very much in love, Pink if single and happy, White if single and ready to mingle, and Gray if mending a broken heart, all 5GS employees took the opportunity to show love, respect and care for their co-workers and employees last heart’s day.

A total of 12, 795 pesos were collected in the overall Valentine’s Day fundraising activity. This is intended to help our team-high five family, SG Dial for his treatment.

We all have different stories about our first love, but one common thing about them is that they are all unforgettable, we exerted our fullest efforts and devotion for  them, and they will always leave a special place in our heart. Just like here in 5GS, as we move forward to another year, we should always treat this family as our first love.


By: Jazzelle Cayaban, Marketing and Sales Associate

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