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Are we ready for 5th Generation (Gen V) Cybersecurity Attacks?

In Gen V, hackers are no longer thrill seekers claiming for bragging rights but group of professional criminals who intend to gain financial profits; sometimes, state-sponsored with an aim to spy or plainly destroy. A Gen V attack is well described in The Global Risks Report 2018 (13th Edition), “… incidents that would once have been considered extraordinary are becoming more and more commonplace.” And the report cites two attack examples, “…the WannaCry attack—which affected 300,000 computers across 150 countries—and NotPetya, which caused quarterly losses of US$300 million for a number of affected businesses.”

So recently in the news, PT&T has inked a deal with security solutions provider 5GS to protect them from these Gen V cybersecurity malicious activities. 5GS by its name itself means 5th Generation Security. With this kind of threat, 5GS comes in to build the Gen V cybersecurity architecture for PT&T with a strong foundation on real-time threat prevention technologies.

5GS is a company that offers cybersecurity solutions, both hardware and software, such as multidimensional security system, ground security–personnel access control, ground security–vehicle access control, ground security–perimeter protection, medium/low airspace protection, computer network/online protection, security visualization and security operations center (SOC).

“The strength and reliability of our services will complement PT&T’s products and services.” As 5GS SVP Leuvino Valencia explained. 5GS is now in the process of improving its Command-and-Control Center by adding the capability of a Security Operations Center (SOC), a centralized unit that deals on security issues to make operations run smoothly.

The VP for Cybersecurity of 5GS, Brigadier General Jess Lomeda, is a retired Army Signal Officer and the former Chief of the MIS Service of the Department of National Defense who has vast experience in handling these kinds of threats. He adheres to the 5 pillars of cybersecurity, which are: a) legal, b) technical, c) organizational, d) capability-building and e) cooperation.

If you wish to know more of the Cybersecurity Solutions that the company offers and how to execute them, come and visit 5GS.

By: General Jess Lomeda, Vice President for Cybersecurity

For more articles written by General Lomeda, visit



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