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Building Stronger Relationships at 5GS Sportsfest

Company events really matter. After the hard work everyone puts in, a more relaxed and casual environment can be good for fostering stronger relationships and building trust with one another. Along the journey of participating in these events, we discover different sides of people we work with and learn more about them in the process.

From Ashes to Glory

5G Security Inc. (5GS), is a company that promotes a work-life harmony environment for its employees. They recently conducted their Sportsfest 2018 with a theme “From Ashes to Glory”. It was inspired by a football movie entitled “We Are Marshall” which describes a journey from setbacks to comebacks. In sports, there will be losers and winners; failures and victories. In between, the losers and the winners are the teams and individuals who give their best.

This year’s sportsfest saw its largest turnout yet. From start to end, the 5GS Sportsfest became a definite high point in an inspiring year for the team high-five family.

Sportsfest Highlights

The opening ceremony was held last August 30, 2018, 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Upper Deck Sports Center, Dona Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig City.

The event venue was filled with various uniform colors from the participants ranging from blue, white, red and gray. All of the team members showed their excitement for the event and their overwhelming support for their respective team players through their loud screams and cheers.

The company was divided into four competitive teams namely Gray Guardians, White Armour, Blue Diamonds and Red Horse.

Events of the opening day was comprised of an Opening Remarks by Gen. Jesus Lomeda, VP-Cybersecurity, the Oath of Sportsmanship, and the most awaited Ms. 5GS and Cheer Dance competition participated by all teams. It was followed by outdoor games such as badminton, basketball and volleyball.

In an industry dominated by men, the Ms. 5GS deviated from the usual pageants as the contestants were represented by men dressed like a woman. Confidently wearing their sportswear attire with full hair and makeup, the said competition made the opening program fun and exhilarating. Participants of the Ms. 5GS were judged according to their beauty, confidence and most specially wit in answering mind-blowing questions.

The cheer dance competition was intense and boosted the energy of the crowd. Each presentation was given three to five minutes to perform. The cheer dance performances showcased 5GS employees’ talents and creativity in conceptualizing their cheers, stunts and steps in their performances.

After the official opening of the Sportsfest, all Tuesdays of the month of September were scheduled for the indoor games and Thursdays for the outdoor games. Indoor games included board games: Scrabble, Word Factory, Game of the Generals, and chess; and indoor games such as tennis, darts, and billiards. Since the company is engaged in security, a target shooting competition was also held at the company’s firing range.

Outdoor games such as badminton, volleyball and basketball were held at the venue of the opening program and SMB Prestige Sports Center, also located in Pasig City.

All team members exhibited their full support in all the activities, both in the indoor and outdoor games. After office hours, proudly wearing again their team uniforms, most of the employees were present to root for their players. The loud cheers from the audience made each game more exciting to watch.

Imbibing the spirit of being a 100% Filipino-owned Company this year, 5GS also highlighted Filipino games also known as Larong Panlipunan and other fun games in the Sportsfest Championship Games last September 28, 2018. These include patintero, dodge ball, and sack race.


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The Spirit of Good Competition

After all the hard work of bringing pride for their corresponding team colors, a combined celebration also known as “happy hour” for all the employees was conducted at the 5GS building.

Though each team aimed to get the first spot, 5GS employees still enjoyed the success and victory of everyone.

The Gray Guardians emerged as the overall champion accumulating a total of 638 points. The White Armour came in second place with 623 points. Blue Diamonds gained 447 points to finish in the 3rd spot while the Red Horse came in last with 324 points.

The concluded 5GS Sportsfest 2018 was indeed considered an awesome experience for all employees not only in terms of winning and getting rewards but more importantly, it is about the relationship, sportsmanship and the values that were cultivated among all the participants.

5GS Sportsfest this year showed a clear picture of fostering stronger relationships. Through competition and teamwork, we often see the best brought out of people while having fun in the process.

This year’s sportsfest may be over, but its results have already set a very exciting bar for next year’s events.

In the end, experience and good memories triumphed over competition.

By: Jazzelle Cayaban, Marketing Research and Communications Associate

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